Replacing old rooflights with new Filon rooflights

Rooflights are the easiest way of getting natural daylight into an industrial building. As time goes on old rooflights start to discolour, get covered in moss and dirt if they haven’t been cleaned regularly which reduces the light transmission significantly. Also they become very brittle and can crack and cause leaks into the building.

The benefits of replacing these with brand new Filon rooflights would be allowing more light into the building – new rooflights will increase the amount of natural daylight in the building meaning less need for electrical lighting which will in turn reduce the electricity bill.

Natural light is good for people – natural light is proven to improve productivity and less absenteeism in the workforce.
Environmentally friendly – rooflights will reduce the use of electricity and lower the carbon emissions for the building.

These are just a few benefits of replacing old rooflights with new Filon rooflights. The picture above is of a recent project where old rooflights were replaced with new ones.

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