Guaranteed No Leaks Unifold Gutter Lining Systems

Brownlie Partners supply the innovative range of Ampteam Gutter Lining and Rainwater Management products all over Scotland.

The Ampteam range is manufactured from the highest quality materials using the latest manufacturing techniques to offer market-leading quality, performance and value for money.

The UNIFOLD Gutter Lining System and UNIDAM Rainwater Management System offer cutting edge no-leak gutter solutions that handle extremes of weather with ease and the ECOLINER Gutter Liner System offers a totally reliable and extremely economical way to line existing gutters and also has the capability to increase gutter capacity too.

These are fully guaranteed family of high performance guttering solutions that offer unbeatable installation costs and ease of installation. When combined with the help and support offered by Brownlie Partners we’re convinced you will not find a better gutter lining solutions anywhere.

  • No stripping of old gutter and adjoining roof sheet
  • Delivered to site fully assembled ready for installation – saves site time & money
  • Proven, test double seal joint system
  • Individually designed for your project
  • Gives the same or increased gutter capacity
  • All corners, bends, stop ends, outlets designed & supplied
  • Ideal for all types of gutter systems – steel, aluminium, asbestos cement, cast iron, lead etc…
  • Guaranteed for 25 Years

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