Barrel Vault Rooflights Clydebank

Barrel Vault Rooflights – supplied and installed

Out with the Old in with the New

Brownlie Partners were asked to have a look at the condition of the existing barrel vault rooflights on an industrial building in Glasgow. They were leaking badly and patch up repairs had been attempted over the years without success. There were also very little light coming through the rooflights.

Following a site survey by Ian Brownlie, it was proposed that the old rooflights to be stripped out and replaced with brand new Astrofade Barrel Vault Rooflights, in multi wall polycarbonate. The benefits of this this was to allow more light in  and eliminate leaks into the building while supplying a modern insulated galzed rooflight.

Once our proposal was accepted, the rooflights were manufactured at the factory in Gateshead, and brought to site to be installed by our specialist fitting team.

After installation of the 2 No. barrel vault rooflights (14.3m long x 2.1m wide), the overall light in the building was far superior to what it was before. Our client was really impressed with how much extra daylight was coming into the building.

All aluiminium glazing bars for the rooflights are polyester power coated in white; giving a nice clean bright finish to internally and externally.


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               BEFORE                                                      AFTER

Old Barrel Vault Rooflight ClydebankBarrel Vault Rooflight Clydebank

Benefits of Natural Daylight

In Commercial and Industrial Buildings

The benefits of natural daylight are easy to see. For example, when the sun is out for a couple of days people naturally feel better about themselves. Research shows that working factories/offices that have a greater level of natural daylight are more productive than ones that rely on artificial lighting. Passive solar gain will also reduce the energy costs of the building.

Where there are higher levels of natural daylight, people’s concentrations levels are better, resulting in an increased work rate from staff. In retail stores this is very beneficial as colours stand out more, making the products look better meaning customers will take more time to look at them. This leads to a higher number of sales. For this reason it is very popular with large retail companies to have a substantial amount of rooflights specified for all their buildings to make sure there is plenty of natural daylight within them.

Schools also benefit from natural daylight in classrooms as it improves pupil’s performance. Children will focus more and concentration levels are improved. Attendance is better in classrooms that have a good amount of natural daylight compared to ones that use artificial lights.

Natural daylight can help people’s health. In the winter months when there is not much sunlight people are affected by SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, making them feel ill. There is evidence that if hospitals have more natural daylight in them this helps patients recover quicker. As it makes them feel better and can also help the healing process.

The revised Building Regulations Approved Document Part L recognises the benefits of natural daylight and the success of rooflights in delivering daylight into a building. It is recommended that in a commercial or industrial building that there is a rooflight area of between 10-20% of the total roof.

Brownlie Partners can offer a number of different rooflights for commercial and industrial buildings.



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Rooflight Specifications added to website

Brownlie Partners are please to announce that all rooflight specifications are now available to DOWNLOAD on our website.

From small to large area rooflights both in glass and polycarboante. Brownlie Partners can supply a rooflight to match your exact project needs.

As will see from the pictures on the DOWNLOADS page the rooflights can be manufactured to all different shapes and sizes.

The rooflights are installed by our own experienced fitting teams.


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slimline glass rooflight

Slimline Glass Rooflight

Introducing our latest product…. Slimline Glass Rooflight.

Designed to allow a better flow of natural daylight into the building. The Slimline Glass Rooflight range is manufactured using narrower glazing cappings, while it retains all the properties of a standard rooflight. Powder coated to any colour you want to suit your building. This product is brilliant for new build and refurbishment project both domestic and commercial.

With a number of different glass options to choose from, these rooflights have an excellent u-value that compliments the overall design. All our rooflights are bespoke and made-to-order for each individual project. The product is supplied pre-assembled and factory glazed that really helps cut down the site fitting time.

The key features and benefits of the Silmline Glass Rooflight are:

  • Modern fashionalbe design
  • Built to high specificationSlimline Glass Rooflight Range
  • Maximum glass for maximum daylight
  • Safety glass with UV blocking and low u-value
  • Available in a range of different colours
  • 20 year unit seal warranty with a 30 year life expectancy
  • All Slimline Glass Rooflights are covered by a 10 years warranty

The new Slimline Glass Rooflight does really look the part and along with their performance makes it the perfect rooflight for any project.

Available in sizes 900 x 900, 1200 x 1200, 1500 x 1500 or 1200 x 2400.

To get a full specification or more information on this product.

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crossgrip scotland

Roof walkway system that is totally versatile

EASY TO FIT just pick it up and roll it out
No gluing, no screws to fitroof walkway matting

PERMANENT Leave it in place for future easy access
It won’t blow away, it’s tested for hurricane force winds
TEMPORARY roll it up again and use it somewhere else.

EASY TO CUT to size with a pair of ordinary snips.

SAFE Give maintenance staff a defined pathway to plant, vents and around windows and rooflightscrossgrip walkway matting

AVOIDS PUNCTURES to roof membrane from sharp grit etc being tramped over
and inconvenience and cost of fixing leaks and internal damage

AVOIDS SLIPS around hatch, stairway etc, access points and on greasy or ponded main roof surfaces


Solution for repairing old leaking gutters

gutter-oldThe reason gutters fail is mostly due to joint failure but can also be substrate failure caused by very severe corrosion to the gutter. As the winter is fast approaching this is the ideal time to get any leaking gutters fixed with a system that guarantees no leaks. As a leaking gutter could cause lots of problems with water ingress ie, disruption to production, loss of stock and maintenance costs.

Here is the solution – Unifold Gutter Lining System – Guaranteed for 25 Years
Manufactured by bonding EPDM membrane on to a galvanised steel substrate. During manufacturing hinges are formed to give plenty flexibility so it can be used in the tightest of gutters and still give the same or more capacity to the gutter. It comes in 2.8 metre lengths meaning it is quick and easy to install.

A gutter lining system must not only fix the problem but give a solution to the problem. It has shown that the Unifold system is totally adaptable and can be used easily to replicate existing gutter designs. See  pictures of before and after of an old leaking gutter which Unifold gutter lining system was installed.


Replacing old rooflights with new Filon rooflights

Rooflights are the easiest way of getting natural daylight into an industrial building. As time goes on old rooflights start to discolour, get covered in moss and dirt if they haven’t been cleaned regularly which reduces the light transmission significantly. Also they become very brittle and can crack and cause leaks into the building.

The benefits of replacing these with brand new Filon rooflights would be allowing more light into the building – new rooflights will increase the amount of natural daylight in the building meaning less need for electrical lighting which will in turn reduce the electricity bill.

Natural light is good for people – natural light is proven to improve productivity and less absenteeism in the workforce.
Environmentally friendly – rooflights will reduce the use of electricity and lower the carbon emissions for the building.

These are just a few benefits of replacing old rooflights with new Filon rooflights. The picture above is of a recent project where old rooflights were replaced with new ones.

If you would like more information or you have an industrial building with roof lights, Brownlie Partners are here to help. Either drop us an email at or give us a call on 07917 698 290 / 07765 883 684.