Benefits of Natural Daylight

In Commercial and Industrial Buildings

The benefits of natural daylight are easy to see. For example, when the sun is out for a couple of days people naturally feel better about themselves. Research shows that working factories/offices that have a greater level of natural daylight are more productive than ones that rely on artificial lighting. Passive solar gain will also reduce the energy costs of the building.

Where there are higher levels of natural daylight, people’s concentrations levels are better, resulting in an increased work rate from staff. In retail stores this is very beneficial as colours stand out more, making the products look better meaning customers will take more time to look at them. This leads to a higher number of sales. For this reason it is very popular with large retail companies to have a substantial amount of rooflights specified for all their buildings to make sure there is plenty of natural daylight within them.

Schools also benefit from natural daylight in classrooms as it improves pupil’s performance. Children will focus more and concentration levels are improved. Attendance is better in classrooms that have a good amount of natural daylight compared to ones that use artificial lights.

Natural daylight can help people’s health. In the winter months when there is not much sunlight people are affected by SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, making them feel ill. There is evidence that if hospitals have more natural daylight in them this helps patients recover quicker. As it makes them feel better and can also help the healing process.

The revised Building Regulations Approved Document Part L recognises the benefits of natural daylight and the success of rooflights in delivering daylight into a building. It is recommended that in a commercial or industrial building that there is a rooflight area of between 10-20% of the total roof.

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