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Solution for repairing old leaking gutters

gutter-oldThe reason gutters fail is mostly due to joint failure but can also be substrate failure caused by very severe corrosion to the gutter. As the winter is fast approaching this is the ideal time to get any leaking gutters fixed with a system that guarantees no leaks. As a leaking gutter could cause lots of problems with water ingress ie, disruption to production, loss of stock and maintenance costs.

Here is the solution – Unifold Gutter Lining System – Guaranteed for 25 Years
Manufactured by bonding EPDM membrane on to a galvanised steel substrate. During manufacturing hinges are formed to give plenty flexibility so it can be used in the tightest of gutters and still give the same or more capacity to the gutter. It comes in 2.8 metre lengths meaning it is quick and easy to install.

A gutter lining system must not only fix the problem but give a solution to the problem. It has shown that the Unifold system is totally adaptable and can be used easily to replicate existing gutter designs. See  pictures of before and after of an old leaking gutter which Unifold gutter lining system was installed.